Brief Introduction

Payment service – as one of the core business services, has been adapted into everyone’s daily life with the advancement of technology. While meeting the increasingly diverse payment needs of ordinary people and businesses, the competition within the payment industries has gradually become hot. With the continuous development and progress of the society, the pace of life is accelerating, and the commercial activities have undergone a full-scale transformation.
Payment Logo List
ALipay, WeChat Pay, Union Pay, Cloud Quick Pay, Nets, SingDash, MCTPay
MCTPAY (新通支付) differentiates the market according to the needs and behaviors of the merchants, so as to find an operable payment service plan based on the specific customer group design products, marketing campaign and sales channels build up, so that the payment service does not only solve the problem of receiving money from customers, but also integrate the marketing campaign and product promotion as well as corporate branding and awareness and other derivative services, to meet the different needs of the market, to achieve occupy more market shares, for the promotion of new technologies and application services we will assist merchant to generate a solid customer base . This is the most effective and fast way for MCTPAY to help local merchants going succeed.
The strategic Partner with Alipay, WeChat Pay and Union Pay, MCT is the first cashless payment service provider in Singapore and has more than  five years and hired most high profile MNCs and SMEs .

Payment Services

MCT Pay provides one stop solution of QR CODE payments which include all kinds of online & offline payment services.


MCT Pay will comply with all regulations of MAS and operations are executing all SOPs of MCT payment services procedures.

MCTPAY e-Wallet

The local e-wallet to help merchants connect with consumers in any where and any time.

Payment Devices

To meet different requirement purpose MCT will provide different types of terminals and cloud speakers, etc,.


24/7 hours service centre will help merchants and users to solve any issue in the first stage.

Fin-Tech Support

MCT has developed wide range payment service platform, e-Wallet platform, Apps for merchants and customers.

Our story

As a high-level, powerful, credit-worthy and law-abiding cashless payment and payment system provider, Mobile Community Tech Pte Ltd adheres to the principle of “The Core of Fund safety, Cutting edge technology and Comprehensive and thoughtful service”. The concept of integrating all kinds of latest application scenarios, various advanced payment equipment and top-notch technologies to provide users the one-stop cashless payment services and payment application platforms development, through internet and social media platform for helping companies carry out relevant big data marketing and market expansion activities aimed at sticking customers, ultimately helping merchants to achieve sales turnover, brand building, productivity improvement and performance-enhancing all-round payment service system, through perfect creation of closed-loop consumption ecosystem is to help companies grow bigger and stronger.

At the same time, MCT’s strong technical research and development capabilities, professional design and making team as well as the perfect service system, to show the company could assist customers to achieve the latest scene-style environmental marketing from the needs of customers, for instance the most effective drainage tools such as Alipay’s App, WeChat oversea voucher mini program, etc., all these to help achieving the perfect marketing result.

Meanwhile the company through the development of high-end APP, high-end customized services, to achieve offline multi-store cashier system, online payment integration to realize the O2O system and other comprehensive marketing matrix is perfectly integrated and innovated. Merchants are served by MCT in the new business model and customer experience which has always been among the best in the payment industry.

MCT PAY has an elite and experienced financial operation team and development team in the financial technology industry. Many of them are senior developers from China’s top Internet companies, especially after the 80s and 90s. They grew up in the Internet era, more emphasis on brand, quality, service, enjoyment, personalization, and spiritual experience. Therefore, while they are constantly pursuing innovation and challenging new things, they handle various business problems in an intuitive, concise and fun way. These can help companies achieve phoenix nirvana

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